FosterParentClass's Online Training is dedicated to you, the foster parents that give of yourselves, your time and energy to help out the kids that need a solid parental figure to make sure they are safe, healthy and cared for in their time of need.

Our training classes are given in video format and are split into several 8-12 minute segments. Each class will include a small test 4-5 questions after each video section. Upon passing each segment you can continue on to the next segment until complete or go back to the previous video segment to review. Once a test is passed you will not be able to return to the test on that segment. A cumulative score of at least 70% is required to pass the Course and receive a Certificate of Successful Completion. This certificate will be kept on file for 5 years from the date of completion. You can also download the certificate and print it out or save the PDF file.

Classes will run between 1 hour and 4 hours depending on the credit hours given to that class. This will give you plenty of time to watch the video and take the test in the given timeframe per class.

If you notice anything incorrect with a class please bring that to our attention so that we can fix any inconsistency.

If you have any questions you may either email us at or call 469-277-7307 during normal business hours.