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Basic Health and Safety Overview Start Now $4.99 1 Credit hour

Description: This course is designed to provide the parent with a basic overview of health and safety in a foster care environment. Upon completing this online class, the parent should have a basic knowledge of safety hazards, have knowledge of planning healthy and nutritious meals for your children, perform basic first aid procedures, and know how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
Course presenters: Misty Bailey, Holly Hurley

Dangers of Using the Internet - Internet Addiction Start Now $4.99 1 Credit hour

Description: We cannot escape using the internet today. From banking to research to dating the internet is important to our lives. However, internet addiction is a real danger to those that are susceptible. In this class we will cover how Internet is used by youths, how important the virtual world is for them and why it is so attractive. We will also cover the positive and negative impact of the Internet on their mental and emotional health and development. Internet addiction as one of the main dangers of the Internet Use and how it further effects their social and emotional life. Then the course will focus on diagnostic criteria of problematic Internet use and how to recognize if a person is at risk of Internet addiction. We will cover a case study of a young person who might be at risk of internet addiction. Finally we will look at different forms of addiction and the most common internet activities undertaken by addicted young people.
Course presenter: Agnieszka Walencik, Holly Hurley